Our aim is to prevent millions of pounds of re-useable waste from entering our landfills and making world a Zero Landfill zone - all while complying with strict environmental legislation.

With a zero landfill initiative and a go green approach EWT, aims to become a world leader in reverse logistics and recycling solutions by global collection of e-waste and its safety disposal to international remanufacturers.


Eco Wave is your ONE STOP SHOP for all Printer needs.

We offer qualitative products at competitive prices as per industry standards.


About Us

Eco wave Trade (EWT) is Asia's fastest growing unit in the reclamation and recycling industry specialising in global collection of empty printer cartridges, used cellular phones, and other e-waste.

Whether you are interested in recycling or purchasing or selling empty printer cartridges, used cellular phones, or other e-waste, Eco wave trade is THE solution. We have the experience, reliability, and leadership you need to fullfill your goals.

Our cartridge collection programme ensures the responsible end-life disposal or recycling of printer cartridges and other associated waste. By ensuring these cartridges don’t end up in landfills, we reduces pollution as well as reducing carbon emissions and preserving natural resources through re-use.

Eco wave Trade (EWT) leads the way in adding value, making relationships, customer service, and product support.

With our collection centers and pick up vans organized in almost all parts of Europe , there’s a hardly a stone left unturned in consolidation of the most qualitative empties, thus catering to the large needs of remanufacturers worldwide since more than a decade.

Choose Eco wave Trade (EWT) and let our service and relationship driven team help you to reach your recycling or remanufacturing goals today!

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