Our aim is to prevent millions of pounds of re-useable waste from entering our landfills and making world a Zero Landfill zone - all while complying with strict environmental legislation.

With a zero landfill initiative and a go green approach EWT, aims to become a world leader in reverse logistics and recycling solutions by global collection of e-waste and its safety disposal to international remanufacturers.


Eco Wave is your ONE STOP SHOP for all Printer needs.

We offer qualitative products at competitive prices as per industry standards.



Committed to Excellence

Eco Wave Trade was formed by environmentally conscious professionals, successful in the fields of marketing, sales, strong CRM and after sales services with an experience of more than 10 years into this industry. We provide creative solutions to the logistics of printer cartridge recycling.

Personalized Service

Eco Wave Trade will employ its unique background to assist your organization in realizing its full revenue potential. Whether you are joining us as a large group or as an individual, let us help you recycle conveniently and profitably. In addition, our personal service representatives can help you 24X7 to develop a specific program to maximize yours and ours Zero Landfill efforts.

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